Интимные фото с незнакомцами внезапно прославили девушку (фото)

Интимные фото с незнакомцами внезапно прославили девушку (фото)

Интимным снимки, сделанные в течение 30 минут после ее знакомства с ухажерами из Tinder, принесли небывалую известность жительнице Дании после публикации фото в сети, пишет BoredPanda.

По словам фотографа Мари Хильд, ей наскучило видеть одни и те же «вылизанные посты, фотографии и обновления» в социальных сетях и приложениях. Воодушевившись идеей показать людям что-то «действительно интересное», 24-летняя датчанка решила создать фотопроект Lifeconstruction.

A little sneak peak of my meeting with Asger 🎈 🌅 This particular meeting is very special to me. It contains ignition of the lifeconstruction-rocket! Asger was the very first stumble-fumble-laugh meeting I had among 12 others. He lived on the top floor in this charming, light-filled apartment. I remember opening the first door which led me to a dark hall decorated with colored lamps — such a quirky, charming place! He opened the door in the end of the hall and smiled at me. Even though I had this idea of me being the one in charge, he was actually the one calming me. I’ve got this scene in my head of him and me standing in front of each other shortly after greeting. We’re counting down to a stripdown which we immediately agreed on doing to break the ice with manners — laughing while textile-tossing like crazy. We spent 1-2 minutes giggling like two schoolgirls and then quickly fell into the whole relationship scene. «God damn it, didn’t I tell you to turn around the toilet paper roll?! you’re making me so fucking old and bitter» «shut up! You’re tiering me with all your negative shit.. I can’t stand you!» we yelled across the apartment while I peed with an open door and he brought me some water. It was hilarious. I felt so alive. Thank you for being my first. #pretend #intimacy #love #vibes #tinder #piano #playing #leg #project #cuddles #photographer #photoshoot #shooting #photooftheday #tinder #couple #happy #laughing #excited #strangers #unknown #vice #broadlydk #bed #kissing

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Датчанка находит мужчин и женщин в Tinder, а затем фотографируется с ними в первые полчаса знакомства, имитируя романтические отношения. Глядя на снимки, у пользователей действительно возникает ощущение, что пара знакома как минимум не один месяц.

«Я думаю, нам сегодня не хватает общения в реальном мире. Как я вижу, ситуация только усугубляется, и в этом виноваты социальные сети. Иронично, что мой проект не может существовать без Tinder», — призналась фотограф.

Пользователи видят на фото, как девушка обнимается и целуется с незнакомцами в самых разных локациях: на диване, в душе, на фортепиано. По словам Хильд, несколько раз участники проекта «ломали ее собственные границы дозволенного». Тем не менее, говорит девушка, Lifeconstruction помог ей «лучше узнать себя».

A little sneak peak behind the scenes of my meeting with Katharina 🐕🌞she came all the way from Australia and worked as an au pair in this big, charming house in northern Sjælland. Apparently she didn’t mind opening up the doors to this wierdo with a camera, struggeling to find the right house. Me. I actually was having a off day. I was tired and my skin looked like bubblewrap paper. I was sitting all critical, looking at myself in the rearwiev mirror, trying to formulate a text with a cancellation, but was hit by a sudden stubbornness — hell fucking no. This insecurity and vulnerability of mine is exactly why I shouldn’t cancel. I now felt like proving to myself that I was in control of my life — not the selfdestructive thoughts of mine. And so I muted my thoughts and went to meet Katharina — and ofcourse. She was wonderful. I thanked myself meanwhile shoot for not cancelling and for allowing myself to be in whatever mood i was in. Just as i closed the door to the big house, I realized that this was just what I had needed. The vibrations of my energy level had completely turned around — just by having a fleeting, sincere, intimate connection with another human being🔥 this is officially the last pictures and story I have to tell from my Lifeconstruction series — I’m so grateful for all the kindness and curiousity about this project. And don’t worry — I’m already going full force on a new one — and there will be new strangers to come and new stories to tell! Just in another form. Stay tuned, loved ones! #pretend #intimacy #love #vibes #tinder #piano #playing #leg #cuddles #photographer #photoshoot #shooting #photooftheday #tinder #couple #happy #laughing #excited #strangers #unknown #vice #broadlydk

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